Hi. I’m Remelyn Joy Gayares y Lazanas. Haha. What will I write in this ABOUT ME section? Hmmm. I’ll just write anything that I want to discuss then, is that okay? So here I go, I’ll start with my first name.

REME – Remedios (from my Grandma, Papa’s side)
LYN – Erlinda (from my Grandma also, Mama’s side)
JOY – Joecelyn (from my mom)
Now you know why my first name is like that.ΓΌ

I’m tall, white and pretty. :p (SUPLADA in short) HAHAHA. k. πŸ˜€

Next, my age, at this time, in this perfect moment of mine while writing here is 18. HAHA! Then I’m a MAY celebrant. I’ll just wait for your gifts. Got that?

What’s next? Where do I live? In MURCIA TOWN. :>
Uhm, got 2 brothers and the only GIRL/FEMALE/LADY? child in the family.ΓΌ HAHAHA. My father is strict but kind, my mother is kind but strict. See? They seem to be meant to be. β™₯

Well, I’m turning a JUNIOR this school opening. Oh, by the way I’m a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student in UNO-R. I graduated high school at Negros Occidental High School and my elementary at Murcia Elementary School. I just love public schools indeed. They shaped me well as a person with such diligence and perseverance in all matters. I owe them a lot not only on the achievements I got during my HS and Elem days but also on the memorable happenings we’ve shared. HAHAHA *drama*

I also want to share with you that my hobby is really EATING. Oh, I mean SINGING. Yes, it’s true guys. I LOVE TO SING with all my heart!
My hobbies are also texting, surfing the net, making friends, travelling, roaming around, eating β™₯, being HAPPY always and LEARNING.

LEARNING. Learning and discovering different things from someone makes my living worthy. It’s a chance where I can see myself in various situations. How to handle this and that. All HOW TO’s THESE AND THOSE. It’s a perfect way to show that you’re brave enough to challenge LIFE. Right?

I’M TALKATIVE. Isn’t it obvious? I love to make reasons, a few are pointless I guess. HAHAHA.

I love the word ACCEPTANCE yet CHANGE really contrasts this word.

I am a skillful human. I’m responsible. I’m open-minded in such ways that I don’t wanna lose myself over someone or something. I’M A SHY PERSON. I’m quite a perfectionist. I’m simple. I’m cheerful and outgoing! HAHA. Oh men, I’m imperfect yet I’m perfect to those who are contented on who I am and what I am and what I have.

That’s all for now. HAHAHA
If you want to know me more, I’m just a MESSAGE away. Okay?ΓΌ


I LOVE CN BLUE. β™₯ \m/
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I won’t please anybody because I can’t please everybody and I am not tasked to do such a thing like that. πŸ™‚
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Hey! I am only accepting friend requests whom I know and looks familiar to me.
If I didn’t accept your request but I knew you personally, can you just leave a short message? Thanks! πŸ™‚

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